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On January 3 2002 at 10:00 pm , OUI FM will play part of the Philadelphia concert from the Exciter Tour in 2001

Wishing you all a happy new year 2002 !

The members of Mode Nation wish you all a happy new year 2002.
We give you 3 different cards to download and to send by email for your new year wishes

(do a right clic on the pictures and select "save link as " to save the ecards on your PC):

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Ethique Synthétique

The french biography about Depeche Mode "Ethique Synthétique" written by Sébastien Michaud is already available we offer you to order it at a special price of 17 € instead of 20 € ( for french people , some extra charge will be asked for other countries)
your name,
phone number and

Merry Christmas to you all from the Mode Nation association and myself,

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Go to see a video interview (in 3 parts) of the members of Depeche Mode speaking of their whole discography ( albums) , as well as an interview for the promotion of Exciter
(clic on the picture to go to the site, you will need a recent version of Windows Media player to see the videos):

Dm retrospective
Dm retrospective

In France was released 2 CD compilations featuring some Depeche Mode songs here they are :

Pop  2001
Plus de Tubes  2001
POP 2001 - Chillout with: "Dream On" Plus de Tubes 2001 with : "I Feel Loved"


Allez sur le site de Laurent Fichot , qui avait fait un remix pour I Feel Loved , ecouter son remix de Freelove

Allez voir 2 nouveaux extraits vidéos ( Home et Sister of Night ) de concerts français tiré de l'Exciter Tour sur le site de Feding_boag:

Dream On Depeche Mode

Home Sister of Night  
Sister of Night

Don't forget to visit both these forums / message boards:

Mode Nation Forum , in french for French DM fans:

and the Recoil message board with an English section and a french section:


If you want to see a sample of Dream On in real video taken from the french Amneville concert go to the website DreamOnDM (thanks to Feding_boag & Vince)

Dream On


Go to Raph website and download his amazing remixes of I Feel Loved :

Go to ADRecordsLimited website to download their cover version of World in my eyes

The 2 covers of Depeche Mode 4th single from their last album Exciter : Goodnight Lovers were revealed by those sites : Side-Line & Uselink

Always available on french music stores are both those boxes about DM :
The Singles 81>98 & Box Exciter-Ultra

Some new versions from french live concerts of Paris, Amneville and Lyon are available on Feding_boag website :


Visit the official website of Fad Gadget :

but also visit the new french website about Fad Gadget :

FAD Gadget will be on concert in Paris on January 15th at la Loco , contact me for more informations

Bertrand Burgalat

Bertrand Burgalat who remixed Easy Tiger and Freelove , was interviewed by us at the modenation team so go read his opinions about Depeche Mode and their last tour :

Interview express Burgalat.

NRJ Music award

Vote for Depeche Mode at the NRJ Music Award that will be on 19 January 2002 , in those categories : "Best international band / artist " and "Best musical website" .
vote on the website of NRJ MUSIC AWARD

The release of "Ethique synthétique", the french biography of Depeche Mode, will be soon released (only by ordering on editor website : ). Its release in the stores is still scheduled for early January ."
( news from Sébastien Michaud, author of this new biography)

the Biographies of the two french artists who recently worked with Depeche Mode :

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