NEWS 1998

The last show of this tour has been performed  at the Pond in Anaheim , California, it was great very good performance
all the band  seemed to be happy and Fletch said this :

"Thanks, ladies and gentlemen. (You've) been a great audience. We've
enjoyed ourselves in Southern California. This has been one of the happiest
tours for Depeche Mode for a long time, and there is a small chance we
might be back. I'd like to thank the band. Christian Eigner on drums, Peter
Gordeno, Janet and Jordan, and Mr. Andrew Philpott, who put together all
the programming for the tour. The unsung hero. He likes to think he is,
anyway. So, anyway, I'll pass you over to the real star of the!
(band laughter) Over to Dave."

So there are chances they may tour again and I do think so :)
They were really happy to make this tour, so we will see more of Depeche Mode believe me :)

Here are the songs played during the KROQ X-MAS Show in LA :

Barrel of a gun
Policy of truth
It's no good
Walking in my shoes
Sister of night (acoustic, performed by Martin)
A question of lust (acoustic, performed by Martin)
Enjoy the silence (acoustic , performed by Dave)
In your room
Behind the wheel
Personal Jesus
Never let down again ( in duo with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins)

The Performance was awesome, Dave specially liked to perform Enjoy the Silence in acoustic, and made a very good duo with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins. They really enjoy being on stage for this tour that's a good thing :)

Here is the video performance of Depeche Mode at the Late's Letterman show singing "In Your Room" ( a shorter version in fact) :
Letterman show

During this tour, on the last dates the band changed  a bit their set list
Martin performed "Sister of Night" instead of  "A question of Lust"
David performed "Behind the wheel" instead of "Stripped"

DM chat on-line
The DM Chat has occured on November 24th , live and direct from Chicago where the band said that they really enjoy doing this tour, they're proud of it, and that it was their best tour, Dave Gahan , Martin Gore and Daniel Miller were there answering all the questions.
Dave said that Paris and Milan was their favorite shows from European tour, and that they enjoyed it all. They all seem to be in good shape and happy :)
On the chat i had the confirmation by BRAT that DM won't make 007 Soundtrack (well next time maybe  ..heheh)

As for MTV they only displayed the full show of an hour on MTV Germany,
on MTV Europe was displayed on November 21th, the half  hour show featuring:
Painkiller (Short Version) /A question of time / Only When I lose myself / Enjoy the silence / Personal Jesus

The Singles 81-85
There is a new release of  "The Singles 81-85" of the video and the album.
In "The Singles 81-85" Album , all the songs have been re-mastered and there will be
two more songs on this version : "Photographic" from the "Some Bizarre" album
and another version of "Just can't get enough" (release on October 24)

Dave on the tour :)
98 program tour98 program tourDM concert at Paris Bercy
The show in Paris was AWESOME !!!
Dave was full of energy, he was in such a good shape and the audience wascompletly in phase with the band, singing with them and completly with DM !!Wonderfull moments on "Never let me down again" and "Personal Jesus" AND
the most surprising was on the last song: "Just  can't get enough where finally ALL the audiencesinging the song alone , one part singing the tune (" the "ooohs" ) and the other part singing "I just can't get enough"... all the band was really surprised and really happy about it :) It was a FABULOUS Show that will always be  recorded in my mind :) Dave even said a "Au revoir" it was so great !!!

The Singles 86 - 98
This day on September 25th 1998 the new album:
Depeche Mode : The Singles 86 - 98
has finally been released !!

Here are the charts places of OWILM :
Denmark - 1
Hungary - 1
Germany - 2
Sweden - 4
Finland - 4
Greece - 13
Norway - 14
UK - 17
Switzerland - 18
Austria - 22
Ireland - 28
France - 45
Holland - 99

On September 21st 1998, release of two new versions of OWILM :

1. Only When I lose myself - Gus Gus Long Mix
2. Painkiller - Kill the Pain mix
3. Surrender - Catalan FC Out of reach mix
4.Only When I Lose Myself - Gus Gus Short Mix

12" - L12BONG29
1. Only When I lose myself -Gus Gus mix
2. Painkiller - Kill the Pain mix
3. Surrender - Catalan Fc Out of reach mix

Depeche Mode: Only When I lose Myself
Here is a small extract from Depeche Mode's new video: "Only when I lose myself"
(real player required)
"Only When I lose myself"

Here are the songs that are apparently played during the tour :
A Question of time / World in my eyes / Policy of truth
It's no Good / Never let me down again / Walking in my shoes
Only when I lose myself / A question of Lust / Home
Condemnation / In your room / Useless
Enjoy the silence / Personal Jesus / Barrel of a gun
Somebody / Stripped / I feel You
Just can't get enough
But there can be some changes cause DM has always make surrpises
with the list of the songs
during their tours :)

The release of the video tape of all the singles since 86 has been confirmed, and will be released
on September 7th.

On German's Mute Website ( there's the chance of a future video release
of a 10 minutes interview of  Depeche Mode + ALL the singles from 1986 to 1998
including the rare and fabulous :
Stripped , But Not Tonight, Little 15 , A Question of Lust and of course
Only when I lose myself

Depeche Mode on the French chanel MCM on September 8th 1998 at 19h30 CET
with the exclusive Only When I lose myself video , which is on air now on various tv channels as MTV

There are some rumours running, that after the tour there should be a release of a CD live
and a video tape Live of Depeche Mode, will that be a Video and Cd of the tour that will
begin soon? nobody knows yet...
but I also hope that there will also be a release of the video singles as in 1985

The Singles 1986 -> 1998
On September 25th there will be the new album of  Depeche Mode, which will be a compilation
of all the singles released between 1986 and 1998 including the new single "Only When I Lose Myself"
which will be released on September 4th

Only When I Lose myself

Disc A:
  1. Stripped
  2. A Question Of Lust
  3. A Question Of Time - (7" Remix)
  4. Strangelove
  5. Never Let me Down Again
  6. Behind The Wheel
  7. Personal Jesus
  8. Enjoy The Silence
  9. Policy Of Truth - (7" Remix)
  10. World In My Eyes

       Disc B:
 11. I Feel You
         12. Walking In My Shoes - (7" Mix)
       13. Condemnation - (Paris Mix)
     14. In Your Room - (7" Remix)
     15. Barrel Of A Gun
  16. It's No Good
     17. Home
    18. Useless - (7" Remix)
     19. Only When I Lose Myself
   20. Little 15
     21. Everything Counts '88 - (live)

Here is the tracklisting of the new single:
         CD MAXI : 895332 2
- Only When I Lose Myself
- Surrender
- Headstar
CD MAXI : 895331 2    &  MAXI VINYLE : 895331 6
- Only When I Lose Myself - Subsonic Legacy Remix
- Only When I Lose Myself - Dan The Automator Remix
- Headstar - Luke Slater Remix

A tribute to Depeche Mode has been released by "1500 records"
the musical company of GLU (God Lives Underwater)and is called "For the Masses"
It has been released on August 4th 1998.
here is its tracklisting :
For The Masses
                The Smashing Pumpkins - Never Let Me Down Again
              God Lives Underwater - Fly On The Windscreen
                            Failure - Enjoy The Silence
                          The Cure - World In My Eyes
                      Dishwalla - Policy Of Truth
           Veruca Salt - Somebody
       Meat Beat Manifesto - Everything Counts
                   Hooverphonic - Shake The Disease
                             Locust - Master & Servant
               Self - Shame
            Monster Magnet - Black Celebration
             Rabbit In The Moon - Waiting For The Night
        Apollo 440 - I Feel You
           Gus Gus - Monument
                             Deftones - To Have And To Hold
     Rammstein - Stripped

 Depeche Mode's interview in Cologneand official announcement of
the release of  the Tribute album and "The Singles 86->98" quicktime
(courtesy of MTV)
DM about The Singles 86->98

Here are the official dates of Depeche Mode's "The singles 86->98" tour
Singles 86->98 tour

              Wed 2                      Tartu, Estonia                 Tartu Festival Arena
              Thu 3                      Riga, Latvia                                  Mezapark
              Sat 5                      Moscow, Russia                             Olympiski
              Mon 7                      St Petersburg, Russia       SKK Indoor Arena
              Wed 9                      Helsinki                               Hartwall Arena
        Fri 11                      Copenhagen                               Multi Hall
              Sat 12                      Gothenburg                                 Scandinavium
              Sun 13                      Stockholm                                             Globe
              Tue 15                      Prague                                             Sports Hall
              Wed 16                      Vienna                                             Stadthalle
               Fri 18                      Berlin                                              Waldbuhne
              Sat 19                      Berlin                                             Waldbuhne
              Sun 20                      Erfurt                                               Messehalle
              Tue 22                      Brussells                                    Forest National
              Wed 23                      Stuttgart                                         Schleyerhalle
              Fri 25                      Zurich                                          Hallenstadion
              Sat 26                      Bologna                                            Palasport
              Sun 27                      Milan                                                      Forum
              Tue 29                      London                                    Wembley Arena
              Wed 30                      London                                  Wembley Arena
              Fri 2                      Manchester                                             Nynex
              Sat 3                      Birmingham                                             NEC
              Mon 5                      Cologne                                    Cologne Arena
              Tue 6                      Cologne                                    Cologne Arena
              Wed 7                      Paris                                                       Bercy
              Fri 9                      Hannover                                          Messehalle
              Sat 10                      Leipzig                                             Messehalle
              Sun 11                      Frankfurt                                             Festhalle
              Tue 13                      Munich (change of date)                    Olympiahalle
              Thu 15                      Zaragoza                                             Sports Hall
              Fri 16                      Barcelona                                         Palau St Jordi
              Sat 17                      San Sebastian                       Velodromo de Anoeta
                  Tue 27                     Worcester, MA                                     Centrum
                   Wed 28                   New York, NY                          Madison Square Gardens
                 Sat 31                  Philadelphia, PA                                           Spectrum
    Thu 5      Toronto, ON            Skydome                    on sale: 19/9
Fri 6      Montreal, QB           Molson Center              on sale: 19/9
Sun 8      Cleveland, OH          Gund Arena                 on sale: 3/10
Mon 9      Detroit, MI            The Palace                 on sale: 19/9
Fri 13     Miami, FL              Arena                      on sale: 19/9
Sat 14     Orlando, FL            Arena                      on sale: 19/9
Sun 15     Tampa, FL              Ice Palace                 on sale: 19/9
Wed 18     Houston, TX            Compaq Center              on sale: 19/9
Thu 19     Dallas, TX             Reunion Arena              on sale: 19/9
Fri 20     San Antonio, TX        Alamodomee                 on sale: 19/9
Tue 24     Chicago, IL            Rosemont Arena             on sale: tbc
Wed 25     Minneapolis, MN        Target Center              on sale: tbc
Sun 29     Denver, CO             McNichols                  on sale: 3/10
 Tue 1      Salt Lake City, UT     Delta Center               on sale: 10/10
Fri 4      Vancouver, BC          PNE Coliseum              on sale: 19/9
Sun 6      Portland, OR           Rose Garden                on sale: 3/10
Mon 7      Seattle, WA            Key Arena                  on sale: 26/9
Wed 9      Sacramento, CA         Arco Arena                 on sale: 17/10
Fri 11     Oakland, CA            Oakland Coliseum           on sale: 18/10
Mon 14     Phoenix, AZ            America West Arena         on sale: 3/10
Tue 15     San Diego, CA          Cox Arena                  on sale: 3/10
Fri 18     Inglewood, CA          Forum                      on sale: 19/9