January 14th 2003


New Release dates for solo albums of Gahan & Gore


Martin Gore's solo project (untitled yet )
Single to be released (tbc) - April 14th (UK)
Album to be released (tbc) - April 28th (UK)

David Gahan's solo project (untitled yet )
Single to be released (tbc) - May 19th (UK)
-Album to be released (tbc) - June 2nd (UK)

Pennebaker back on 101
D.A. Pennebaker is working on the DVD version of 101 adding some extras, date of release is not known yet.



Release of the videos 86>98 +


There has been a special release in France of the Videos 86>98 + , with a special box featuring both the CD audio album + the 2 DVD's from the Singles 86> 98 +., released by Labels


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