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Here are some news about the new album that might please you , I have now 2 friends (Carrie & Sheryl Sunshine) who spent 5 days in London et who went bu Fletch's  restaurant lately, they met him and could talk to him ( and have a few drinks also :) )

Here are the big news :

-The producer of the new DM album is someone who has worked on the last 2 albums of  BJORK (they don't remember his name ...)

-David & Martin have already worked on 8 new demos which are ready to worked in studio  ...

-The recording of the album will be made between London and New York and maybe at the Electric Lady Studio

- Among the 8 demos  , 3 of them could be very good singles
-The rythmn of the songs is more upbeat than the ones of ULTRA
-The production side of the album is going to take them some time and they want to really be cautious in order to release a very good album
-The album should come out April 2001 with a single in February 2001
-Anton Corbijn is again working with them for the new album .. they got in touch and meet again recently
-Fletch would like  a  "101" part 2 for the next tour  , he thinks that it would be good stuff for the fans too  ( I'm speaking of a video )

Here are some other comments from  Fletch  about Alan and the other members :

-He saw Alan 10 months ago and find him a bit fat  He said also that Liquid was better than his better records but that Fletch said he thought it was better than his other albums but felt he suffered because he didnt fit into a specific genre- and he thought Alan was a bit daft!
- Fletch told that  Dave has been very nice to him lately. He feels as though they finally have a connection after 20 years. He said Dave has major insecurity issues and doesnt drink at all any more. Martin gave up drinking for 4 months but started again 2 weeks ago and that himself - Fletch was the alcoholic of the band.  ( that's what he said)
- Andy said he went to the gym often and Martin has been running 8 miles a day lately   to lose on some weigth

Well here are the news from  Mr Fletcher himself, so now you can say that all this is wrong and false , I personally know thiose girls and they're far from saying bullshit so ...
Here are the infos i got now do think what you want to from them ...

A new Recoil forum & Message Board have been launched there:
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News from Gareth Jones ( seen on his website):
Depeche Mode: Working with Paul Freegard on new tracks in "workshop" mode, in Martin Gore's home studio. Dave has been over from New York and done some excellent vocals on 4 tunes already
The new official website of Anton Corbijn has been launched at:


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