Borrowing the name from the flower, Streeturchin was born in 2000. At first, The two members studied new technologies, vocals and lyrics 5 hours a day. Now we are ready to be received for propositions ! Our desire is to take the music to a higher level of quality by working in order to create. The quality of the material seems invevitable for the music, offers something unexpected. The music must be original and fashionably marrying the sounds of the guitar,the keyboard, the sample and the computer (mastering) But it's difficult to create because Everything exists ! Then we are influenced by our youth. After the famous group like New-Order, Mesh, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Devision one can see Sreeturchin to sing in a sweet voice. Consequently, many critics compare the group to the greats in New-Wave history ! Recorded, realised and produced in France, Blown away marks SU's first album of all-new. The group will recently release a new album for this summer. Concerning tourdates, nothing for the moment. We have not enough time ! You can listen all our tracks at the official site For additional information, please see The Streeturchin website at

Date of Birth: April 01, 2000
Place of Birth: France
Jobs: Students
Favourite song: Perfect Kiss (New Order)
Favourite group: New order

Discover their website : Streeturchin
or listen to some of the songs from their album :
You can Feel (extrait MP3)
Blown away (extrait MP3)