The bandís history.

The two musicians Jonh Darken and Lestat B. have been friends for a long time. In the summer 2000 they decided, to work together and put their different musical influences in common, in order to create their band, JLíS. Lestat is a guitar player, a drummer and an arranger. Jonh plays the synthesiser, writes the songs, the melodies and sings too. Thanks to Lestat Jonh got to know the universe of Alternative Rock (Dream Theatre), whereas Lestat discovered what we call Synthetic Music with "Depeche Mode". Lestat, who was a member of different bands before joining John, brings to JLíS music its rock spirit, the aggressiveness of its Rifs, and the specific guitar sounds . As for John he brings his qualities as a composer, and the jazz and classical influences he was taught when very young.

What is the philosophy of your music?

JD: For me music must provoke an emotion and inspire a universe. We donít have money in mind when we work on the songs we write. We want people to be touched by the harmonies, the lyrics, or the sounds we choose, we donít want them to be fooled by the purely commercial aspect of music. The music which lasts is the music which makes people think and vibrate.

LB : As far as Iím concerned, everything is a question of emotions. I listen to all sorts of music, which allows me to explore and express different kinds of feelings like love, anger etc. I have the conviction that our music is a combination of varied and opposite emotions with which everyone ca identify.

What are your influences ?

JD : I started studying music in a traditional music school. My first instrument was the drums, and I then started learning the piano. My musical education was mainly jazz and classical. Later on, I discovered synthetic music with "Music for the masses" and "violator" of Depeche Mode. I was very sensitive to the emotion that some electronic sounds could convey.

LB : Iím very much interested in the technical aspect and the universe that can emerge from a song. Iíve always been much influenced by rock music but what I like the most is "Progressive Rock" because it is a combination of jazz and classical and its technical aspect is unbelievable. Iím also attracted to electronic sounds, for me the reference is Depeche Mode because their compositions are unusual, and they are very good at using electronic in their music.

In what way is your music so similar to Depeche Modeís ?

JD : First because Iím a big fan of their music, I really like the universe that Martin Gore creates, illustrated by David Gahanís voice. We are close to that band in the sense that we are not afraid of challenging or even shocking with our uncommon melodies, and harmonic choices.

LB : In other words, DMís universe is very varied, and they have kept a sound which is theirs. We try to evolve in the same way. We try to be logical in the way we write songs and melodies, with our personal touch, eclecticism is our key word. Moreover, Jonhís voice is almost the same as David Gahanís.

Why do you partly rewrite some of Depeche Modeís songs and how do you choose them ?

JD : First to pay a tribute to their talent and because they made me want to sing. We choose the songs when we know that we can bring them something very personal and original, for example we wouldnít rewrite a song that we couldnít enhance. For " The world in my eyes " we wanted to bring a touch of explosion with the rock sound going crescendo all along the song.

LB : What I find interesting is that Martin Gore writes the base for his songs only with a guitar, that is to say that he creates a simple melodic line, which allows to do plenty of arrangements. DMís music is so rich that it inspires us, and we very often have the feeling that we could transmit or stress some emotions, arranging Martinís compositions differently. What could be more pleasant than to bring a personal touch to such wonderful songs ?

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