Interview of Jeff Burgee from COLORWALL

Colorwall is the name of an american band very interesting which we interviewed. This band was named the best independant band in USA in 1997 and the same year their song "flower" was chosen for a big commercial campaign for the "Ralph Lauren Polo" company . At the end of 2000,their song "My Eyes" was among the sampler given with the magazine "Losing Today's" and edited to 100000 issues. The band was also played and interviewed on K-Roq, famous Los Angeles radio, well known from the fans of Depeche Mode, for the bonds they have with the band. 


MN : - Hi Jeff, could you make a quick presentation of colorwall ?
We originally formed in college back in the early 90's as a cover band playing in a college town called Salisbury, Maryland. We were all long time childhood acquaintances. We started playing between 100 and 200 shows a year and began playing our own material amongst the cover songs. We toured the East Coast of the US for years before moving west. We were called Lazy Suzan and didn't actually change our name to Color Wall until we moved to Los Angeles in 1996. The permanent members of the band are Jeff Burgee - guitars, vocals and Andrew Loeser - drums. We are currently filling the bass and rhythm guitar positions as we get ready to go out and support our new cd 'Blue'.

MN :- Are you both writing song and music in the band ?
Lately, I have been writing everything because I have a home studio. In the past it was always a full band process. In the future we will all sit down and make a new album

MN : - What kind of music do you listen to ?
I love guitars. Yesterday, I put The Cure- Disintigration in my car cd changer. What a great record! I just heard 'Somebody' (Depeche Mode) on the radio and it reminded me of when we used to cover that song like 10 years ago. I've been listening to stuff like Coldplay, Travis, The Strokes, Doves, mostly British stuff. I really like the Pete Yorn cd. He played bass for us for a few shows back in 1998.

MN : - What do you think of Depeche Mode ? Did you like this band ?
I like Depeche Mode a lot. I'd have to say, my favorite era is probably Music For The Masses/Violator. I like their downbeat/kinda goth stuff more than the dancier songs. I always liked when Martin would play that big guitar.

MN : - Did you ever see them on stage ?
I never did, but years ago one of my roomates had Depeche Mode 101 on video and our TV couldn't get any channels so we would always play videos while we we're partying.

MN : - In 1997 you were named best unsigned artist have you now been contacted by records compagny ?
We had an indie deal at that time, so we weren't totally 'unsigned.' I thought we would maybe hear from some Major Labels at that time but we never really did. I wasn't disappointed though because I know a lot of people here in LA that have been really screwed by Major Labels.

MN : - You just released your brand new cd called Blue ;. Whats next for colorwall ?
'Blue' is actually the name of the new 4 song cd and it's available at our web site ( We are currently rehearsing, getting ready to go out and support our new release. I'm also always working on new stuff in my studio.

MN : - Thank you very much for answering our questions. Would you like to add something for french readers of Mode Nation?
Someone needs to invite us to come over and play in France. My last name (Burgee) is French after all. My girlfriend has traveled the world modeling and she said Paris is Awesome. I wanna go!

Interview of Jeff Burgee by Guillaume Legrand (on 29/01/02).

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