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Callum 2000-11-17 23:34:29
Hiya Pimpf, I just wanted to say ur site is very informative, and well made.I will check back regularly for updates etc, keep up the good work!!!
gabriel 2000-11-15 23:41:48
hi: i´m from argentina and i want to trade material of the band. if you are interested please mail me.
gabriel 2000-11-15 23:41:25
hi: i´m from argentina and i want to trade material of the band. if you are interested please mail me.
gabriel 2000-11-15 23:39:38
hi: i´m from argentina and i want to trade material of the band. if you are interested please mail me.
Mario Oses D. 2000-11-14 05:17:44
Gracias por honrar, a una de las mejores bandas de musicos del mundo. Felicidades!!!!
Mario Oses D. 2000-11-14 05:15:11
Gracias por honrar a una de las mejores bandas de musicos del mundo. Feicidades!!!!
Fries Anne 2000-11-14 04:19:59
Me & the Wylder brothers we're fan of DM since 1984. We love their music and we're waiting for the new DM lp.We also love Recoil. We're looking for friends who love DM & Recoil. Anne Fries & the W
manuel r. 2000-11-09 16:12:12
your website kicks ass !
Fries Anne 2000-11-08 10:36:42
To all Recoil fans, I'd like to have new friends to talk about Alan Wilder and Recoil. If you want to write to me, please use my postal address:Fries Anne 43,Rue des Brasseurs 7000 Mons Belgium.
Fries Anne 2000-11-08 10:35:39
To all Recoil fans, I'd like to have new friends to talk about Alan Wilder and Recoil. If you want to write to me, please use my postal address:Fries Anne 43,Rue des Brasseurs 7000 Mons Belgium.
Sister of Night Gahan 2000-11-07 15:53:21
you rock pimpf!!!!
maybell 2000-11-04 05:10:21
I love this place, pimpf! And the halloween stuff kicks, keep up the GREAT work! :)
pimpf 2000-11-03 20:53:59
Hello I`ve been a D M Fan since i first heard them and i think this is a real cool site to spend time with.
GAHAN5514 2000-11-02 06:19:00
This is a well put together sight D.M. will be very proud. Can't wait to see D.m. in there upcoming tour. D.M. for life!!!!!
pimpf 2000-10-28 03:31:52
fucking awsome site guy :P one life, CARTEL.
Yasmin 2000-10-26 08:37:35
Eh oui, me revoilà... tu pensais t'être debarassé de moi peut-être? Pas de chance, I'm back :) Toujours un plaisir de faire un tour sur ton site alors, en attendant d'avoir de tes nouvelles par e-mail
Faith Giacone 2000-10-21 10:52:25
shit depressed think Im gay
alistair watts 2000-10-19 01:49:39
I thought it a great shame when Alan left DM. Depeche are my fave group and Alan was by far the best musician. Go for it Alan.
Marissa 2000-10-17 22:25:09
Depeche is a remarkable group and I love listening to them
Marissa 2000-10-17 22:25:00
Depeche is a remarkable group and I love listening to them
Dark Sermon 2000-10-16 15:04:14
Dark Sermon
bel hommage à Alan Wilder,une bonne présentation et un beau site DM , BRAVO !
Stranger 2000-10-16 14:38:03
Huge Depeche Mode collection for sale, raritites & many bargains.
Chani 2000-10-14 21:10:45
DM is like wine, it's getting better when it's gettin older Pozdrowienia dla Darii
sven rees 2000-10-12 20:27:34
Erik 2000-10-12 10:31:07
Hi, i'm Erik from Milan! If you are a great DM fan and you want to discover how Italian people celebrate the best group of all times, visit our site: There
pimeka 2000-10-10 20:55:43
Ce site est magique! Je suis fan de DM depuis plus de 10 ans maintenant et j'attend avec impatience leur prochain album. Est ce qu'il y a moyen d'avoir des infos sur la sortie d'un album? Continuez le
pimpf 2000-10-09 22:24:44
schnelle mode
pimpf 2000-10-09 22:24:13
schnelle mode
DELION 2000-10-07 19:50:00
Pimpf....just had to sign again...Truly Amazing
DELION 2000-10-07 19:43:14
eventually got to the site. amazing....thanks leo.
maurizio 2000-10-07 16:29:12
DM = the best gruop in the world this is a very nice site ciao
Chris Dafforne 2000-09-30 13:34:19
Looking forward to new album.
catherine 2000-09-27 15:05:36
merci pour ce beau site français sur DM Autant enrichissant pour les connaisseurs que pour les novices. Keep faith !
Princes Bold 2000-09-27 08:21:26
Thanx for the info Pimpf
gauthier 2000-09-27 00:30:06
BRAVO pour ton site incroyable, il est digne du site officiel, merci! Surtout continue, c'est un vrai plaisir de regarder ton site, de bonnes infos, de belles photos et un beau graphisme, bravo!!!
Chani Gore 2000-09-23 17:59:21
Jestem Polk¹ wiêc powiem w tym najpiêkniejszym jêzyku, ¿e DM to najlepszy zespó³ na œwiecie itd. Pozdrowienia dla Depeszy z Poznania i nie tylko. Hi I'm Chani from Poland and I just wanted to say
Lili 2000-09-22 04:32:23
pimpf 2000-09-21 16:42:00
Hi! I want to say you that on 31 October 2000 there will be a Depeche Mode Party in Milano (ITALY) This is the 12th from 1993 ! If you are interested you can visit our site: http://web.tiscalin
X:MACHINA 2000-09-21 15:34:35
One of the greatest dM sites ever!!!! You've done a perfectly good job here! P
OZZY-Tompa 2000-09-21 12:54:35
OZZY-Tompa 2000-09-21 12:52:51
nadine 2000-09-20 18:32:29
ultra greets to you pimpf...glad to see you back...101 hugs :-))) PS: eMails from other (male ;-)! ) devotees always welcome!
Jeanette 2000-09-17 15:33:41
I love Depeche Mode.I have listen to them for 17 years.As you can understand I really look forward to their new album. Their music is magic!!!
Aureola 2000-09-16 16:24:45
Why I could not talk to anyone who likes Depeche mode??? I love this music.For many years it is my friend.
Csabi 2000-09-13 11:17:40
Wu! That's a great site!
Aniko 2000-09-11 15:11:24
Dear Pimpf, Loved your site! Very professional and impressive! Thank you! I'll definitely visit it again! Aniko
pimpf 2000-09-10 16:47:54
alore comme un fan depeche mode et je suis un marocain je veux dire un petit truc pour alan le ex dm que alan et un grand mais domage ...
sabine 2000-08-31 07:13:49
bercy 15 octobre 98, passage d'élément photosensible illicite, remember me? magnifique site! je t'envie de vivre si bien ta passion. cu in bercy, novembre 2001. the world still turns.
Cecilia Gahan Gore Wilder 2000-08-28 17:01:15
Hi guys...This page is great, ecxellent, brilliant, oh what can I say?? I just want somebody to share , share the rest of my life, share my innermost thoughts, know my intimate details...Maybe is here
PAULINA 2000-08-28 07:25:02
Eric L. 2000-08-27 03:31:12
Bravo pour votre site !!! Continuer votre beau travail !! Eric L.
hava 2000-08-20 23:32:36
Enjoyed being here... I Looovvvveee DM Can't wait to their new Album... BYE... The sun will shine, the bottom line, I follow U...
GABRIEL 2000-08-14 16:21:09
hi i´m gabriel from argentina and your page is excellent.- i have material to trade, if you´re interested mail me. best wishes gabriel buenos aires argentina
AcidBurn 2000-08-14 15:02:01
Pimpf is the best DM site in the net! I can't wait another pics :)
Bri 2000-08-11 12:04:46
oooh! hehe:) Here's the rest:
Bri 2000-08-11 11:58:20
Pimpf! J'aime la site!!:) It's very very cool:) And official-looking:) I miss you at the Gore Board tho:( Hope to see ya around! P.S. Here's my site, which I'm very proud of:) http://depechemode.
-ultra- 2000-08-10 22:21:30
Salut Gilles, j'aime bien les petites modifs apportées ici et là, je les repére (je viens souvent !) (-: enjoy et longue vie à DM
DEPECHE Girl 2000-08-08 14:55:38
This page is GREAT... It is one of that few pages about DM which I liked... I always wanted to correspond with europe DM-fans (I'm from Russia), that is why I would like some of them to write me. flig
hava 2000-08-07 22:49:26
loved to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra 2000-08-06 05:49:50
Hi there pimpf :) I am really impressed. Good work your homepage. I live in Austria and my passion is drawing, writing poems,... & I LOVE MUSIC TOO (Queen, 2Pac,...) :)) JUST LOOK AT MY PAGE
jeff 2000-08-06 04:02:41

brilliant site!

chiroptera 2000-08-03 10:11:59
hi you... great pages... does anyone know where can i find chords/notes of Depeche Mode's songs? I'm not sure do I find them from this pages cause I'm not good in english and i don't know anything abo
ALLAN GUZMAN PANIAGUA 2000-08-01 16:38:27
angie 2000-08-01 03:43:58
absolutely the best site ever...checked evrything out..very rocks, and i'm glad that theres others out there who think so.keep up the good work!
pimpf 2000-07-31 18:12:22
je suis marocain et je suis un fan (depeche mode)aussi j ai toujour aimer alan wilder (recoil)que je trouve un mec de classe et surtot dans les annes 80 et 13 ans de sevise avec dm mais ce que je sais
Michel PAUL 2000-07-30 20:43:28
Fan depuis vos débuts, je tiens à vous féliciter pour votre carrière exceptionnelle.
Noelia 2000-07-26 03:22:28
I think that this page is quite beautiful, but at the moment I´m really sad becouse nobody can tell me if DM is coming or not to Argentina and thats why I´m crying like a stupid little girl... Weel C
happiest girl 2000-07-26 01:17:56
EXCELLENT SITE!!!!! I love Depeche Mode, Ilove you Dave Gahan. Depeche Mode: The best band in the world.
Manic Taz 2000-07-24 18:28:26
Excellent pictures - Great Site - Love all the pics of Dave - He is so gorgeous!
Chocoholic 2000-07-23 22:05:01
Hey! Great Site! Keep up the good work!
Nadine 2000-07-23 18:58:11
happy birthday to the sweetest perfection and best songwriter on earth...martin lee gore!!! Ultra greets to you well to all my dear friends...Yas, Gea, peter, katrin...and all the others!
mikey 2000-07-22 02:40:42
I would say that joy division is related to DM, or ,as it is, DM is related to joy division
Paula Andrade 2000-07-21 16:42:47
Yasmin 2000-07-20 11:29:04
C'est de mieux en mieux très cher:)
jörg bachmann 2000-07-20 01:14:36
Hello!!! I´m a fan about the beginning from DM and will say thank you for a nice Page too remember the time with DM Thank you Jörg
katie 2000-07-19 13:20:17
hey , thanks for keep up this pages it´s very nice to have information about depeche mode keep goin on just the way like now & god bless u ...
Michael 2000-07-18 19:24:56
Hi great DM Site, but I don´t understand a lot. Bye
Depeche Mode Homepage
Babix 2000-07-17 19:29:49
Votre site est très intéressant pour en avoir déjà rencontré un bon paquet. Félicitations!!! Je dispose également d'autres bonnes adresses tel que la suivante:
Mayra 2000-07-14 20:42:39
zuzana 2000-07-13 21:36:00
I live in London but unfortunatelly I haven' t met anybody who is inDM.. any contact???
Nataly (NeverEnough) 2000-07-13 14:44:23
...and... as I see there is a tradition here to say our opinion about your site then I want to express mine ,but simply: "I LIKE IT! GREAT WORK!".
Alan / Essex 2000-07-13 14:23:44
Great Bloke - Great Site! What more do I need to say? All the best! Alan
Nataly (NeverEnough) 2000-07-13 14:19:28
I thought "Why not to leave here my sign with my best wishes to the friend?" First thought then done. [kiss] Tata
Daniel Gustafsson 2000-07-10 23:37:23
Never let me down!
Jackie 2000-07-08 16:27:54
hello .... i think this page is great!!!
Fabrizio B 2000-07-06 23:06:58
Fernanda Fort 2000-07-05 19:30:48
Congratulations for your page! I live in Argentina, I have 23 years old, i see the Devotional Tour here in my country in April of 94...I LOVE DAVE GAHAN!! I live only for him...bye! kisses! = ) Fer
kaleid 2000-07-05 15:46:28
Hello, bonjour, what is a great site of DM! I really like it!
Kayla 2000-07-03 01:41:23
I think you would be interested in Uranium235. View their page at
Emilie 2000-07-01 16:07:53
enjoy the silence!!
Elizabeth S. 2000-07-01 03:54:35
i like it very much this site,(good work). see you. i love very much this group. (always ).
TONY AGUILAR 2000-06-30 01:22:22
saludos desde Peru mundo entero _depeche mode forever..Fue en 1990 cunado escuche enjoy the silence que sigo al grupo, desde mi pais..gracias a LA web..
pimpf 2000-06-28 22:52:25
JE SUIS EGALEMENT FAN DE DEPECHE MODE ... JE CHERCHE LE LIVE IN PARIS DESESPEREMENT !!! bonne continuation ton site est tres bien fais enjoy
Sabrina Chambonniere 2000-06-26 18:16:50
Dear Alan, Thank you so much for your answer! It's unbelieveble to see somebody as famous as you answer to one's fans! Merci! Really, THANK YOU!!! You'll always have my support! Good luck for your
fabiola iñiguez 2000-06-25 08:57:09
I just want to say that I like a lot DM and I would like that you send by e-mail news about DM. Thank
Lee Braddon 2000-06-23 19:01:21
Good site..thanks for the wallpaper, it's making my desktop in work much more atmospheric.
Fernando 2000-06-21 22:29:52
the best artist on the world...
Megan 2000-06-20 08:05:54
Pimpf, your site is really comprehensive, up-to-date, and just great. :) I enjoyed all the pix you have!
Jana 2000-06-18 12:00:11
Dear Gil,today is not only the Pasadena anniversary, 18.6. 1993 DM were in Prague !! Even the official DM page seems to forgot that. OK, many lovely greetings to you !
EDUARDO 2000-06-15 18:56:23
boulksibat issam 2000-06-13 13:20:31
continues comme ça; alan: t'es le meilleur!!!
BlackCelinebration 2000-06-12 11:41:46
Getupaaa, Pimpf ! oooh, yeah !!! Ca c'est du site de compet' quelle devotion. Bises Modesques, Enjoy
destiny 2000-06-08 11:11:42
Hello all! Alan is the greatest!!!!!! Good luck with your career!!!! Happy birthday Alan!!!!!!! Love ya! Greetings,
pimpf 2000-06-07 13:23:04
siema! swietna strona, no i pozdrowienia dla wszystkich fanow DM.
pimpf 2000-06-06 14:38:20
Great site! Well done...but there is more to life then Depeche Mode!
Cichy 2000-06-06 11:14:35
Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich DM-ów z Poznania
Dawn 2000-06-05 18:49:30
Pimpf... I see you post alot on the DMMB and thought I would check out your site... I am very impressed! Well done!!!
mafe 2000-06-04 18:16:39
this page is great!!!
isabel 2000-05-31 19:45:25
J'ai enfin lu ton compte rendu de la convention Dm à Basildon... Fenchurch station entre autres sont des mots qui font mal ! A +
raven hawk 2000-05-29 20:04:17
Pimpf my love... wonderful are beautifuly devoted.
Clara 2000-05-29 11:29:28
Hey man, you really have a good site. Saludos desde Argentina!!!
pimpf 2000-05-29 06:28:47
Absolutely great! Well done and I hope to see you in 2001 in Camden! God save DM !!!
Mr.DRONE 2000-05-22 22:32:26
Quite good sit. Thats how it should be!!
Niki 2000-05-21 02:34:11
Hi pimpf honey it's me niki. Absolutley LOVE the site. :) Laters dear.
Adrian Ramundo 2000-05-20 14:35:33
Definitely one of the best DM web sites I've ever visited !!! Congratulations ! Is good to know DM devotees are spread all over the world and thay dedicate so much time in building so good web
destiny 2000-05-19 22:05:47
I think this is a great site!!!!!!
DM Devoted 2000-05-18 03:47:31
Dave Gahan has the sexiest voice on the planet!!!!
Elvia Martínez Díaz (Pinky) 2000-05-17 18:59:05
Thanks for your e-mails. Your web site is my Sweetest Perfection and your Friendship make me the Happiest Girl in this World Full of Nothing. And I thank you for bringing me here...
Putti*de*Putt 2000-05-16 19:41:19
Hay Pimpf! I´m from germany. I was surfing in the net and have found your homepage by a link in oona´s guestbook. This is a fantastic depeche-mode-site! It´s great! Good bye! *Putti*
Devotee101 2000-05-15 16:55:06
Hi Pimpf you H-page is really fantastic. Especially the Art-mode-pics. Also I like your design. Congratulation to your site. So stay depeche and keep moding every time. Get the haircut right. See you
Elizabeth 2000-05-11 15:56:08
I am so proud of DM for never letting any obstacles get in their way. If I had on chance to ever say anything to them it would be: Martin keep writing cause we are always listening, Dave keep making
pimpf 2000-05-09 02:33:56
awesome dave b-day tribute! You have the best dm site in my opinion!
pimpf 2000-05-07 14:19:14
Hi. Thanks for all of the positive things that you are doing for Lisa. Yoda
Beate pimpf 2000-05-03 17:28:56
Pozdrawiam wszystkich fanow od DEPECHE MODE !DM 4ever !
alex 2000-05-03 10:33:34
it was a pleassure for me to enter your page. also look on, this page won the international award for the best music homepage in 2000. best wishes alex
Elle.........Blackcelebration 2000-05-03 10:22:11
This is a great site....I am in awe!!!Thank you for creating it!I am the moderator at the DM-EZ board....Elle
Adivinha? 2000-05-01 03:31:30
Esse site é tão boa quanto o cara que o faz... :)
Cat 2000-04-30 17:26:25
Greetings from Germany, it´s a great website and I tell it to my friends so they can have a look. Stay depeched Cat
Mad Woman 2000-04-30 14:14:28
Hello Pimpf! Great side you have created! I didn`t have the time to take an eye at all, but I will do in the future - promised. CU in the chat! Mad Woman
isabel 2000-04-29 17:25:14
Petit coucou en passant A+ Isa
BloodRedLips 2000-04-27 17:11:53
weeee! i just peed in my pants! lol great site!!!!! come visit mine :)
The Mourning After 2000-04-26 22:17:47
Visite The Mourning After at:
The Mourning After 2000-04-26 22:16:11
Hi! There are some things I like here in the world… Depeche Mode and your site! Love all the info and your design is just assume. Are you doing this for a living? Well good luck and I’ll be back fo
sherley 2000-04-26 05:53:14
Hiya Gilles! Lisa led me here. The fun's just beginning! I'm happy for you luv! :)
gea 2000-04-25 21:26:40
Love to all devotees from all around the world, especially to you Nad and Yas, my sweet sisters of night!!!
SHARON 2000-04-23 18:49:10
Sur les conseils de Tibo,je decouvre ton site,Pimpf!Il est vraiment extra ou"ultra"(comme tu veux!)!Just keep going like that!All the best!.....SHASHA....
cat13(christa) 2000-04-23 10:45:58
Talent realized in its most comprehensive form, thank the PTB that there are others to feed me info in this info-starved wasteland!
Gaesteliste Internet-Musikmagazin 2000-04-16 08:02:23
Hi! You can find an interview with Alan and his answers in RealAudio at Cheers, David
nad 2000-04-13 18:50:55
Great work you made Pimpf, once again. Strangelove from your german friend ;-)
Lisa Amsell 2000-04-12 16:30:54
Gilles- If it wasn't for this website, I would have never gotten to know you. I owe the world to this site. DM brought us together, but this site made us friends. Take care of yourself.
Gábor Bánfalvi 2000-04-10 23:10:29
Hi! I think Alan Wilder is the biggest GOD on the world!!!
Ava 2000-04-09 16:28:39
Well, i stopped in your website and i just want to say hi ;)...And your site is still very cool!!! See ya soon!!! LoL Ava xxx
Adam My³ka 2000-03-27 22:19:12
I'll back here as soon as it posible ...very cool page!!!!
Black Box Staff 2000-03-25 23:10:33
Hello Webmaster, cool Site, cool Layout, cool Fact´s co...... Best wishes Olli 'Black Box'
Hotel Ultra 2000-03-25 00:21:19
Another new DM top sites web pages has opened! The URL is: Support the DM activity and get more people to join your page... It's all
Nadine 2000-03-23 21:24:10
Ultra greets to everybody here, but most to my ultra best sis Yasmin, who I miss damn much... and to you pimpf
fabrice 2000-03-19 22:52:55
je n'ai jamais vu un site si bien , il est extra. continue et a bientot. (un fan de DM)
Stan Schirmer 2000-03-18 23:54:18
Great site!! I am so appreciative of the best DM site on the whole web! Great job; continue the excellent work.
Rosebowl Entertainment 2000-03-18 01:23:32
dear devotees, Rosebowl meets Pimpf! Great french sites. Best Rosebowl wishes from Germany to all DEPECHE MODE fans in Paris & all of France. Rosebowl Entertainment Tony M.
Kimberley 2000-03-17 20:46:15
I think this page is one of the nicest, clean pages I have seen. I love it so much. I will definitely come back for sure. =)
pimpf 2000-03-17 05:55:56
That picture of david Gahan, on the updates page, the old one of him to the left of one of Fletch and martin, is absolutely beautiful! -Jeanne
MISSIONARY 2000-03-17 01:55:17
you are a real devote!!!!
Rafal from Poland 2000-03-17 01:28:14
!!!Great Site!!! Bravo!Visit my homepage
trolderik 2000-03-15 10:56:15
I couldn't walk in Your footsteps, but I leave my fingerprints anyway... :-)
UltraBlack 2000-03-14 09:54:21
Pimpf, great page definetly browse in here again if I time allows me UB
Tara 2000-03-13 02:53:31
Awesome web site!! I added it to my list of favorite bookmarks!!
fiona_apple 2000-03-13 00:05:44
hýmmmm...i think recoil is one of the best triphop bands....maybe it wasn't asked to me but i felt that have to say this..., :) that's all ehehehh (and vocals are so successful!!!!)
bmv 2000-03-11 14:21:24
pimpf, your site is FAB! keep up the good work! LOVE the pics of FLetch! bmv xx
Nadine 2000-03-11 13:55:00
Great page, guy!!!
the geisha 2000-03-10 02:35:19
wow. this is the bitchinest dm site i've ever seen! now i'm really mad at myself for not finding it sooner! really, this site rocks the casbah -> as joe strummer would say . . . : ) ~eh
Ricardo Man (ultraricky) 2000-03-08 18:45:45
This webpage about DM is one of the best I've ever visited. Good Job!!!
Yasmin 2000-03-08 14:10:29
C'est toujours aussi sympa de passer par là. See you sur le Net et surtout bonne continuation. Biz, Yasmin.
tk khmilovska 2000-03-04 04:43:29
great photos of such beautifuland talented men, but really, please do us all a foavour and shine the spotlight a little more on Fletch, some of us are undeer the impression that he is the lovliest boy
Angel Bernal 2000-03-03 18:49:03
what can I say I love Depeche Mode.David Gahan is awesome.He has such a beautiful and soothing voice.I'm only 16,and people freak out because they are surprised I even know who DM is!
Reina 2000-03-03 13:45:15
I'm impressed by your web site. Yours is the most comprehensive one ;-) Luv ur work!!!
Briony (Blue Savannah from DMMB) 2000-03-02 22:02:25
Hi Pimpf- this page is really well done! I can't believe how many sections there are including your other pages... What you've done with the artwork is amazing too. The highlight has to be the inter
korg 2000-03-02 11:41:11
Great page Pimpf. You have done a very good job. An inspiration to us all.
Brande 2000-03-02 06:05:53
Hello Gilles ;), I absolutely love your website. I am at a loss for words!!! I think you have really designed this site with a lot of thought and great concepts!!! It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!! 8))))
didier 2000-03-01 13:53:33
Hello Pimpf, tous mes compliments pour ton site qui est vraiment très bien fait, continue comme ça
Chang Thy 2000-02-28 11:16:46
Hello pimpf, Sympa comme site See you soon !
Vanilla 2000-02-28 00:59:20
PIMPF, c'est un site beau... j'aime les photos... c'est tres facile trouver les infos. N'arretez pas le bon travail! (Je m'excuse... je parle assez mal...)
rho 2000-02-27 17:10:44
Great interview. Sounds like the new CD will be good. Nice job. :-)
rho 2000-02-27 16:26:48
WOW! I haven't viewed your page in a while, so seeing what I see, it's all new, and it looks great! Don't change this look..hehe! Nice pics and bio of yourself. Take care and keep Moding. :-)
Rhianna 2000-02-27 09:36:25
Very impressed Pimpf! You have a great dm site...definitely one of the best on the net! :)
Felipe 2000-02-26 02:54:25
Hello, Pimpf! Posso escrever em protuguês, não? Fiquei feliz com suas boas vindas dadas no forum do Halo's e resolvi passar pelo seu website para dar uma olhada! Parabéns, é muito bem feito, de cl
Maryse Harnois 2000-02-25 19:28:00
Tu fais du beau travail ! Surtout ne lâche pas, on vois ici ta vrai passion ! À bientôt !
Elvia Mtz. Díaz 2000-02-25 01:54:18
claire 2000-02-23 17:33:35
Ca fait bien longtemps que je n'étais pas venue et je trouve ton site"ultra"bien et j'espère que tu m'infor -meras des R-V sur DM. BYE! enjoy!!!!!
Le Gnome 2000-02-22 20:31:12
Un site qui prendra une bonne place dans mes bookmarks. Bon courage.
Conan 2000-02-21 18:01:19
Ca fait longtemps que j'aurais dû le faire, mais mieux vaut tard que jamais : Pimpf! Ton site est ... excellent!! :-) Keep the good work on... Conan
Luscious Apparatus 2000-02-21 16:32:55
This is the WEB OF LUSCIOUS APPARATUS ... congratulations for this site...
pimpf 2000-02-18 23:22:09
As we're great fans from dm and as we considered that Wilder has made a very good choice to keep his own way of creation,far from gore's own,so enjoy his music.Best wishes.
pepsie 2000-02-18 16:08:20
super site et superbes photos ! Génial !!!!
Walrus (Omar) 2000-02-17 03:30:08
Excelent grettings friend from PERU INKA 14-02-2000
e.nygma 2000-02-14 18:19:06
hi guys! i'm a young fan from italy....i love so much DM music! dave really drive me crazy! i love him! bye bye! elisa
Carrie 2000-02-10 04:31:06
Excellent Recoil interview! Good information, very special. Thank you.
sami baruh 2000-02-09 14:54:10 COME ON ! SEE and LISTEN a REAL DM FANATIC
the original love thief 2000-02-08 09:29:09
cool site you got here! love the dave pics... i'll check it out more thoroughly soon... my back is killing me right now though, so i will see you later-- gahanlove, the original love thief
TOMEKdm 2000-02-07 19:58:45
Dominique 2000-02-07 13:04:47
Un très beau site ! Très complet, beau à regarder,vraiment bien ..... j'en reste baba .....!!!! Surtout quand je vois la liste des remixes qui me manquent ... là, ça me désole, il m'en manque un pa
Jana 2000-02-04 05:46:57
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First off don't hate me because I am a 42 year old mom of 3 from the states and love DM. I have one comment and one question. First off is it me or has anyone ever noticed how "Home" sounds a lot li
dmodefann 2000-01-30 01:22:25
You have a great site! The layout is awesome. Thanks for visiting my site.
VERONICA 2000-01-28 21:44:19
pimpf 2000-01-23 17:22:13
Hello I'm from Basildon The birth place of the Boyz
strippedfred 2000-01-16 07:57:51
un bonjour a tous les fans de DM et tu particulier a Rafwilder qui un jour monteras aussi eux qu'eux enfin je l'espere car ils sont vraiment tres tres haut je cherche la k7 live de foret national
pimpf 2000-01-15 05:37:25
Hey Pimpf, it's Jeanne. Sorry I haven't e-mailed lately, I can't get to my e-mail from home. Anyway, the site's looking good and my vacation's going pretty well. I'm still hoping that they'll have
Frédéric 2000-01-11 16:56:09
Un bien joli site, bien documenté et bien fourni en photos, j'essayerais de venir à un de tes meetings si tu me le permets bien sure ;) a pluche
Drea 2000-01-07 02:03:26
your web page is awsome...Its good to know DM is still a great band after 20 years... they are like the sun & the rainfall.....
dizzyliz 2000-01-06 22:37:34
Very nice place to learn about what Alan is up to. I will be visiting often
JB 2000-01-06 17:38:28
Merci à Gilles pour tout le boulot fait sur son site et sur les autres. Thank you very Muuuuuuchhhhh :)
Tiina 1999-12-28 13:26:37
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Hello Pimpf! Pretty cool website you have here :-) I'll be sure to check it out from time to time.
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pimpf 1999-11-14 19:08:43
last time I was listen to the radio but only one station plays depeche mode. I was thinking, all other band has already gived up because they'll never be good as depeche mode are. (Englisch fuer Anfae
Jana 1999-11-14 15:24:51
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hye, awesome site1 thank you so much for the music videos! I ahve aquestion: Is Martin gore the vocalist in "Home"? Is it a duet with david Gahan? Does Gore sing in any toehr songs? Do any of the
Vincent Arambourg 1999-10-13 18:49:40
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bravo,Pimpf!!!! très bon site, bien qu'un peu long à charger les photos. Mais quand on aime on ne compte pas. Au fait , sais-tu que ta page pour visionner le guestbook est vide???!!!!!
Madeleine Seekircher 1999-10-05 09:13:05
Je suis une 20 ans fans de DEPECHE MODE d'Allemagne. Mais maitenant j'habite en St. Germain chez Paris. Si tu veux entrer en contact avec moi, envoyer un e-mail! Hope to hear from you soon :) SEE YOU
rafwilder 1999-09-28 08:53:24
Salut, juste ce message pour dire que j'ai de la chance d'avoir découvert DM. Car ce sont les meilleurs.
isabel 1999-09-27 08:21:24
Petit bonjour en attendant de donner (bientôt) de mes nouvelles... Toujours cyber top :o)), ton site !
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Deanna 1999-09-11 04:38:07
I've been a fan since the's great to see someone with the same obsession as me! >:)
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isabel 1999-08-17 18:10:41
Enfin j'ai 5 mns pour visiter ton site... Qu'il est beau, dis-donc ! Thanx to be here & see you.
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i really enjoy your site. it has plenty of pics that i can't seem to find on any other site. i also enjoy the over all design and the lyrics area and how you include the b-sides since i've seen som
Angie 1999-07-19 20:47:12
DM photos updated
pimpf 1999-07-16 09:36:12
Ton site est fantastique. je m'appelle Eric, 31 ans, j'habite St Ger, et je bosse aussi à Paris dans l'info. N'hésites pas à m'écrire, c'est toujors sympa de voir des gens qui ont les mêmes goûts et
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Emma 1999-06-17 07:15:09
oi! why aren't your *.rm's working! When i try to download them i just get a pile of incomprehensible text. Is it me or you?
Medina 1999-06-11 16:17:53
Um dos melhores sites que conheço sobre dm!! One of the best sites on DM that exists!! Congratulations Gilles!!
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Rafael 1999-06-04 11:03:47
It is really cool to see this perfect DM-Homepage!!! Great pleasure
pimpf 1999-06-04 07:50:45
I'm sorry but my french isn't very good. I just want to say that your side is great and I loved the photos of Recoil (Alan) yours Mirjam
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Modelen 1999-05-08 13:26:11
Welcome In you Room!
Amanda 1999-05-07 23:12:48
Hey there. Thanks for putting a link to my page on yours. If yu get the time, hope to see you on the AcmeCity boards.
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Pimpf, Thank you for creating this website. I, too, have been a long time fan of DM and think your site is definately one of the best on the internet. Valerie
Lili (Fpmip) 1999-02-07 00:56:22
Esta página é umas das melhores que existe sobre Depeche Mode! Parabéns Pimpf, esta cada dia melhor, continue assim. Beijos Lili
Pimpf 1999-01-31 14:44:26
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