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Paris 09/10/2001
Author : Perrine.
Fad Gadget
Introduction First Part : Fad Gadget Second Part : Depeche Mode
Date : 9 October 2001
Town : Paris, France
Place : Palais Omnisport
Public : 17.000 people

Setlist :
1. Easy Tiger / Dream On (Acoustic)
2. The Dead Of Night
3. The Sweetest Condition
4. Halo
5. Walking In My Shoes
6. Dream On
7. When The Body Speaks
8. Waiting For The Night
9. It doesn't matter two(Acoustic)
10. Breathe
11. Freelove
12. Enjoy The Silence
13. I Feel You
14. In Your Room
15. It's No Good
16. Personal Jesus

Rappel :
17. Home
18. Clean
19. Black Celebration
20. Never Let Me Down Again

Depeche Modeís Tour in France has already started since their first appearance in Amnéville, September 25th 2001, but in most french fans mind, Bercy is THE event of the tour.
This venue that they were the first to fully fill in 1984, welcome them at every tour with always the same enthusiasm and pleasure.
This first Parisian night is symbolized already by a sunny day, within which only one shower would bother the hundred of fans already standing in front of the venue.
Waiting happens in a good mood and give us finally the opportunity to meet people with whom we have been discussing on the Internet until then.

First Part : Fad Gadget

Around 7 PM, doors open finally, leading people to this magnificent cathedral dedicated tonight to Depeche Mode.
Time to shyly heat up the venue with screams and waving, Fad Gadget, the open act, enters on stage to deliver us once again their strange show. Some of us starts to know pretty well every song, singing energically on the famous "Rickyís Hand", with Franck Toveyís well known drilling machine. Daniel Miller is already in the houseÖ
Parisian public (not quite though) gladly welcomes, for once, this open act. In fact, each DM open act used to be quite disappointing. But this time, the very good new wave sound and this very charismatic front man give a great opportunity to heat up before their idols come.
By the way, we could not ignore the few TV camera shown that day. They were here to remind us that Master Corbijn was here to prepare a forthcoming moment of happiness : A Live DVD in which we will be immortalized.

Second Part : Depeche Mode

9:30 PM. Light goes off and Bercy fires up. Red lights are moving while "Easy Tiger" starts, before Martin Gore appears on stage. Heís actually playing "Dream On" guitar riff.
Then a deaf humming starts off. Sirens of "The Dead Of Night" point Dave Gahanís appearance, accompanied by the howls of the thousands of people present in the venue.
It is remarkable to see how DM loves the public of Bercy. Smiles on lips, certainly influenced by TV cameras, DM offers to Bercy "The Sweetest Condition", a new extract of their last album, Exciter. The public is there, and many are those who sing along.
A bluish environment now surrounds "Halo", first extract of Violator and certainly not the last which we will hear this evening. The public, upright, with pleasure discovers the good shape and the good mood of the group.
"Walking in My Shoes" follows up. This version is for me the best Iíve ever heard until now. Peter Gordeno on keyboard, adds to basic melody lines, sounds which still shivers me.
Now, one song that became a great classic in France : "Dream On". The public, even the less expert, has no difficulty to sing "Caaaaaaan You Feeeeel A Little Looooove".
We enter now the calm phase in the concert. Four songs, strong with emotions, where we can observe how Dave Gahan worked hard on his voice. "When The Body Speaks", where Dave Gahan, in a ritual way invites Martin Gore to join him on the front of the stage : "Come Closer Martin", but especially a final, very moving, where Dave, just with a very intimate "chhhhhhh" invites the public to keep silent and to enjoy this moment. "Waiting For The Night [ To Fall ]" remains in my opinion the most beautiful duet between Dave and Martin. The simplicity of the first film of Corbijn on the large background screen, adds to this atmosphere close to meditation. Many are those which cannot retain their tears.
Now Martin comes to the front of the stage and starts to sing to the greatest surprise and for the greatest happiness of the public "It Doesnít Matter Two". Peter Gordeno accompanies at the piano with a masterly manner Martin on this piece and the images of Monument Valley at the back add to the beauty of this song
Then follows a title which really explode on live : "Breathe". It begins gently, practically a capella, for finally shivering the public on a 50ís rhythm appreciated by all. The simplicity of the words marvelously allows Martin to express his talent as a singer and we particularly appreciate emotions which come out from his voice.
When Dave Gahan returns on stage, itís to sing "Freelove". The forthcoming single is extremely well welcomed by the public which sing with enthusiasm the " Ooooooooooh ooooooooooh just Freelove ". The communion is perfect but without any comparison with what is next.
Bercy is one to interpret "Enjoy The Silence". Bercy is full of electricity. The standing and seating areas jump at the same rhythm and interpret with force this anthem. The group and the public explode literally on this title and the drum solo of Christian Eigner introduces a new interpretation which will remain in all the memories. Mr. Martin Lee Gore jumps as he never did before offering us an impressive guitar solo.
Not to stop mentioning talents of Christian with drums, "I Feel You" begins on a huge bit : all the members
of the group are there, around Christian, playing, jumping everywhere, before Dave starts to sing this splendid piece of rockíníroll. Drums become now an essential instrument in DM, and we are numerous to think that Christian largely deserves his official place within the group.
But this is not finished, two chorus-singers appear for the title "In Your Room" with in the background a golden fish who plays with a shark. Itís fire. Many people enjoys imitating the choreography of the two chorus-singers. Dave sings marvelously well on this title and the public is charmed. Itís big DM we have tonight.
" Itís No Good " takes over with a new background film of Corbijn: Dave shows up in a cafe to have his breakfast, served by a pretty blonde who ignores him outrageously. Then Martin and Fletch arrive to drink a coffee. The three are making fun of Dave for finally even leaving him by himself. I wish I could comfort him!
Then the stage changes, with luminous crosses going down from the sky, driven by the bit of "Personal Jesus". All the public sing the chorus while raising their arms. The group enjoys really much this performance.


After a few minutes wait, Martin comes back to sing "Home". What could we say else than Martin (I do not know if itís his new teeth) has taken confidence. Heís not afraid to look at the public, and express himself completely with this song. We realize the pleasure he has to be part of DM and we understand why heís considered as a genius.

"Clean" gives the opportunity to Dave to come back on stage. This song a symbol now after all what he has been through a few years ago. We also realize how close he his to Christian. He appreciates to feel drum bits on stage while heís singing.

For me, who only discovered DM live in 1993, next song is a blessing : "Black Celebration". I could never imagine I would see it performed live even though I really enjoy listening to it on "101". Moreover, I really think this 2001 performance is a symbol of past and future for DM : electronic is very present as a recall of the past but acoustic has been introduced and itís the future.

And now itís time for what we are all waiting for. A concert without "Never Let Me Down Again" is unconceivable from now on. No one can stay insensitive to its lyrics and music. 9 minutes of this song is a real pleasure. Most of us remember "101". But itís true every time they play it. Itís magical. Everyone jumps and all arms are waving. Itís beautiful to see everyone in such harmony.

Here was my third Bercy. And like every time, itís a party for us, for the group. So, "See You Next Time"